World Masturbation Day protects and celebrates the right of everyone to masturbate and raises awareness about masturbation and highlights its importance. It was first launched on May 7, 1995, and started by Good Vibrations, a sex shop in San Francisco, in response to the dismissal of General Surgeon Joycelyn Elders by President Bill Clinton last December.

Elders was fired after making a statement suggesting that masturbation be part of sex education for students. Asked if masturbation could help discourage early sexual activity, he said: "I think it's something that is part of human sexuality and something that might need to be taught." He was fired eight days later. Ironic;

Although the day was first celebrated on May 7, it changed to May 28, only in 2005, some say it can be celebrated on both dates. No wonder people report that the day takes place on two different dates in May — after all, the whole month is International Masturbation Month!

One of the ways in which International Masturbation Day is celebrated is by holding a Marathon (Masturbateathon). For example, a separate Masturbate-a-thon was held on May 7, 1999, where money was raised for AIDS organizations and participants were given stickers with the slogan "I came for a purpose".

The events and the "celebration" of masturbation, have raised money for initiatives and clinics for health, as well as for organizations involved in the prevention, education and treatment of HIV. The events helped reduce the stigma associated with masturbation and contributed to the discussion about safer sex and safer methods of sexual expression.

Almost all people masturbate, but it is often considered taboo by society. It has historically been seen as a waste and an act that could cause weakness, illness and insanity. There were even treatments to prevent people from masturbating. Today it is sometimes considered immature and selfish and is often still not considered acceptable sexual activity.
On the contrary, some people have the ability to see it as a safe expression of love for themselves and as something that provides health benefits.

International Masturbation Day helps raise awareness of these positives and celebrates the right of everyone to masturbate.

Here are some ideas on how to spend International Masturbation Day:

    -Masturbate one or more times.

    -Masturbate with one or multiple partners.

    -Get some sex toys to masturbate. Maybe you can get some from, where you will find really many options to choose from.
    -Check if there are any Masturbate-a-thons taking place near you(!!!).
    -Try new ways of masturbating. There are many fun techniques for all to try .
    -Listen to some songs that talk about masturbation or watch a movie that has a masturbation scene.

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