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A priestess of Kinbaku Shibari from Japan:

Meet Hourai Kasumi

Stone Wall Uprising

Stonewall: The Gay Rebellion and the Birth of Gay Pride

The events of June 28 mark a historic turning point for gay rights

International Masturbation Day

Although the day was first celebrated on May 7, it changed to May 28, only in 2005, some say it can be celebrated on both dates.

BDSM Triskelion

It was during the mid-1990s, in a debate in the newly established AOL service in the US came the idea of ​​creating what we know today as a BDSM emblem. This was based on the thought that it was necessary to have a symbol representing this expression of sexuality and lifestyle.


This text aims to present basic information about the safety of the rope bottom, in order to obtain the criteria for choosing a rope partner but also for the training of those who begin their journey on the ropes.


However, for many taboo-related reasons, it is often not used adequately. The right lubricant can completely change your sex life by reducing friction, increasing ease and sometimes sensitivity. In fact, you might find sex with a personalised lubricant to be much more enjoyable than sex without it.
Using lubricant is not difficult, you just need to know a few things to get the most out of it.

To Bind Tigtly

Shibari can be historically traced to the practice of hojojutsu, a form of martial arts for capture and torture of rivals. This practice, which was used by the samurai during the Edo dynasty, included the bonding of the throat and other areas of the body to constrain prisoners. Another form of punishment was to engage a prisoner with ropes to limit his diaphragm and hence not be able to breathe, then be dragged in public view.